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That Sick Feeling in Every Woman’s Stomach

Today you may have a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach courtesy of Donald Trump’s comments about women revealed this week. Perhaps you’re a woman who has wanted to believe that people who demean women and talk about … Continue reading

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Art Exhibit in Ireland

Aside from blogging at this site, I have an art page. ¬†Getting to it just requires going to the headings section under the “Kathleen Kelley Reardon” poster at the top of the page and clicking on “Artwork.” Also, I’m posting … Continue reading

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OMG! Pneumonia. Only Weak Women Get That!

When a man gets ill, he’s ill. When a woman gets ill, it’s a threat to her career. Take it from someone who had breast cancer at an early age and had to knock herself out to keep it from … Continue reading

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Natural Communication Takes Work

We’re not surprised that olympians differ in their overall capability or ability to perform on a particular day. Yet, when it comes to communication there is a tendency to not think in these terms. ¬†Nevertheless, effective communication, persuasion and negotiation … Continue reading

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Nearly Everyone Has a Favor Bank — A Few Thoughts on the Latest Attempt to Derail Clinton’s Campaign

The latest attempt at derailing Hillary Clinton’s campaign is about emails sent to her Secretary of State staff recommending the hiring of influential people who are purportedly connected to the Clinton Foundation. In The Secret Handshake, I wrote about favor … Continue reading

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Show Me a Woman Not Accused of “Negatives” and I’ll Show You One Who’s Never Put a Crack in the Glass Ceiling

You have to hand it to Hillary Clinton. She never gives up. Sure, she stepped out of Barack Obama’s way when it was time to let him run with the nomination in 2008. Then she served as Secretary of State … Continue reading

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What Exactly is Political Correctness?

When I begin to write a blog entry on this site, a question pops up. It asks, “What’s on your mind?” The answer for the last few days is the term “political correctness” bandied about for some years, and especially … Continue reading

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