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Kiss Your Grandparents Good-Bye Under GOP Healthcare Act

Read the CBO report about the Republican healthcare plan and it’s immediately evident that especially older Americans will be hit with premiums they simply won’t be able to pay. Next year, an additional 14 million people will be without health … Continue reading

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The Wake-Up Call Happened Today

So proud of the hundreds of thousands who marched today. Right after the election, I wrote about the “wake-up call”. Today we saw how awakened women have become. For years we’ve fallen silent, thinking the job of obtaining equality and … Continue reading

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Why Does President Obama Not Mention Hillary?

I’ve been wondering this for a few weeks now. You’d think she died. I’ve been expecting to hear President Obama and Vice President Biden say “We had an exceptional candidate.” But, instead, nothing. What’s the story?  Even in his last … Continue reading

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A Scary Post-Trump Election Form of Reporting – Pathetic Make-Nice News

We should prepare ourselves for the emergence of a form of reporting that surely has existed but not on the scale we’re likely to soon experience. With Donald Trump attacking news outlets and individual reporters — denying them access when … Continue reading

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Will Trump Bring His Businesses Back to the U.S.A.?

While it’s impossible to know exactly what Trump owns and who he owes, we do know that he is likely doing business in 25 countries.  He is either involved in building edifices, hotels and golf courses or licensing his name … Continue reading

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Audio Version of Crime Mystery Novel, Shadow Campus, Now Available!

Shadow Campus, described by Forbes as a “fast paced” and “masterful debut mystery” is now on audio.  And, at the moment — a week after its release — for only $3.47 on Amazon. It’s a “page-turner” as you can read in … Continue reading

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That Sick Feeling in Every Woman’s Stomach

Today you may have a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach courtesy of Donald Trump’s comments about women revealed this week. Perhaps you’re a woman who has wanted to believe that people who demean women and talk about … Continue reading

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