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Can “Zero Tolerance” Come Anywhere Near Zero?

Having spent a career studying how we use words to convey meaning, I wasn’t surprised to see that the term “zero tolerance,” no matter how emphatically expressed, is being used to mean different things by different people. A case in … Continue reading

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Sexual Misconduct as a Spectrum

  Here is an interview I did with David Brancaccio appearing on Marketplace Morning Report blog today about the Spectrum of Sexual Misconduct at Work (SSMW).  The spectrum is in the blog following this one. In the interview, we discuss … Continue reading

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The Spectrum of Sexual Misconduct at Work (SSMW) – Where We Draw The Lines

Daily we read about yet another person who has been accused of sexual misconduct.  And yet, except in the more obvious cases, people are unsure of where offensive or inappropriate behavior ends and sexual misconduct begins.  We’re operating in a … Continue reading

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What’s Missing From This Photo? And, by the way, speed is not a Quality of Leadership — Special Forces Just Died In Niger But No Mention. Instead Pressuring Generals/Admirals to Hurry Up

Anything missing from this photo? And, why was there no mention of the special forces who lost their lives in Niger before pressuring the Generals and Admirals to move faster? Where was the sensitivity to those lives — those very patriotic and excellent people? Where was the recognition that speed is not leadership? Continue reading

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STOP! with the “Look!” and “Listen!”

Try listening to the news or political interviews now days without hearing statements starting with “Look!” or “Listen!”  Not so long ago, such exclamations were rude and insulting.  In many contexts, they still are. Imagine a person being interviewed for … Continue reading

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Failed NATO Speech by President Trump — A Lesson on Poor Leadership

True leadership is in large part about communication.  Today, we saw President Trump speak to the NATO leaders.  Instead of speaking of their collective moral goals and rather than bind them as one in ending terrorism around the world, he scolded them for … Continue reading

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When Moral People Understand Politics

I wrote THE SECRET HANDSHAKE and IT’S ALL POLITICS because there is no such thing as an effective business, nonprofit, or government manager or leader who doesn’t know the ins and outs of politics.  Politics, especially the interpersonal dynamics behind-the-scenes, … Continue reading

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