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Defining and Responding to Sexual Misconduct

Here is an interview on AirTalk KPCC with host Alex Cohen, guests Michele Goldsmith, chair of the labor and employment division of LA-based law firm Bergman, Dacy, Goldsmith, and myself. Some good tips here from the legal side and from … Continue reading

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Sexual Misconduct as a Spectrum

  Here is an interview I did with David Brancaccio appearing on Marketplace Morning Report blog today about the Spectrum of Sexual Misconduct at Work (SSMW).  The spectrum is in the blog following this one. In the interview, we discuss … Continue reading

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“Did You Really Say That?” A Repertoire of Responses Women Need Now

In COMEBACKS AT WORK, I’ve written about situations that include gender-based offenses and insults.  These, of course, range from accidental misspeaking to obvious sexual harassment.  As the movement to fight back against sexual harassment continues, it would be wrong to … Continue reading

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What if Women Helped Women — Paltrow, Judd, Jolie Joined Forces? Change Would Begin

Not that this lets men off the hook.  If you’ve worked with mostly men, as I have, you hopefully know that the ones harassing and abusing power are a minority. And, as we’ve been learning this week, men have stood … Continue reading

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The Secret Handshake Audible Version — Amazon Business Life Bestseller

The Secret Handshake has been on Amazon business bestseller lists during the last 17 years and at the top of Amazon’s bestselling books. A few months ago, Recorded Books released the Audible version and it is now #24 of the … Continue reading

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Persuading Lawmakers to Protect Us From Gun Violence

One of the most persuasive opinion pieces on the issue of gun control was published yesterday in the New York Times. “Want Gun Control? Learn from the N.R.A.” by Hahrie Han proposes that we look at why rational arguments simply don’t work when … Continue reading

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Are You in a Patient Style Rut?

After blogging on the front page of Huffington Post since 2005, Arianna Huffington invited me to blog on her site Thrive Global. As a former professor not only of business and communication, but also preventive medicine, it’s a good fit. … Continue reading

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