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To Whom Did You Give Power Today?

At Big Think today I wrote about the power we give to others who least deserve it. Happiness, success, and sense of self worth are influenced by dependence on others.   And so, we should choose wisely the people on … Continue reading

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What if Honesty Had Been a Priority at GM?

At Big Think today, I posted a blog on “The Power of Honesty.” We live in a time when it is less valued than playing along to get along, staying under the radar, passing the buck, and a host of other … Continue reading

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Maya Angelou on Courage

In a blog on Big Think today, I looked at the challenge Maya Angelou took up herself and passed on us.  According to Angelou, “Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any … Continue reading

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Women Need To Share More War Stories

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.  It’s one of the primary reasons why we’re stuck in the pay inequity, slow-promotion-to-the-top situation that has little to do with whether we have babies or not and more to do with … Continue reading

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The Politics of Academia — The Life of an Adjunct Professor

Tonight on PBS Newshour the story of a California adjunct professor, Arik Greenberg, will be discussed.  Also, here is the story posted on the Newshour website and an excerpt: Adjunct professors now make up half of all college faculties, and … Continue reading

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The Wrong Question: Is This Person Worth a Favor?

People are linking all around the globe.  It’s supposedly savvy to know and be known, to connect and be connected.  But too often these connections are peripheral.  People don’t mind knowing you so long as they don’t have to provide … Continue reading

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Know The Politics Where You Work Before You “Lean In”

Why are women not reaching the top of their fields in the numbers expected?  According to Catalyst, “high-potential women advance more slowly than their male peers, in terms of both career progression and pay, even though they employ career management … Continue reading

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Empty Seats in the Senate Make Persuasion Impossible

Persuasion is something you do with people, not to people.  And that’s why my blog at Huffpo today is a bit on the miffed side.  We’ve been scratching our heads and wondering why so little gets done in the U.S. … Continue reading

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No One is a “Young Invincible”

I just posted a blog on Huffington about this.  Most of us know people who have had health challenges in their youth.  At the age of 30, I was unfortunate to find a lump but fortunate to have had the … Continue reading

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Are Women Still Facing Promotion Problems in Academia?

After writing Shadow Campus, some people asked if the difficulty Meg faced in getting tenured in a primarily male business school actually still happens.  I can’t blame people for thinking that situation surely must be fiction by now, and indeed … Continue reading

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