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Is the CIA “Politicized”? An Academic Addendum to Mike Pompeo’s Response

Even church choirs are political entities.  When human being come together to achieve a goal, political activity emerges.  Wherever there is competition of ideas and/or people, political behavior exists. So it should be no surprise if intelligence agencies are to … Continue reading

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What Part of “This Inauguration Can’t Go Forward” Do We Not Understand?

President Obama in his Farewell Address yesterday asked that anyone not pleased with the outcome of elections do something about it.  Take some responsibility.  Even run for office.  Don’t keep quiet.  Otherwise, he implied, you’re part of the problem. On … Continue reading

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Business Elites Get a Pass by the Press — While Meryl Streep is labeled a “Hollywood Elite”

Meryl Streep delivered an eloquent, brave, heartfelt speech at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony.  Here is an artist and businesswoman we can all admire.  Yet Donald Trump attempted to belittle her accomplishments by referring to her — of all people … Continue reading

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Kudos to Clapper, But a Tainted Election is a Tainted Election!

We listened today to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper say this about Donald Trump’s trashing of the U.S. intelligence community: “I think there is an important distinction here between healthy skepticism, which policymakers … should always have for intelligence, … Continue reading

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Dear FBI: Is Hillary Clinton Looking a Lot Better to You Now?

Seventeen U.S. intelligence agencies agree that the U.S. 2016 presidential election was hacked by Russia. Yet, the PEOTUS, Donald Trump, does not believe them. He belittles these agencies and instead praises Vladimir Putin and Julian Assange – a man he … Continue reading

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Dear President Obama, We Expected Better Today

Can’t believe I’m listening to President Obama’s last press conference and hearing what I’m hearing.  He’s telling us his administration floated Russian hacking out to the public months ago but didn’t want to emphasize it and appear partisan. Better, they … Continue reading

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The All-Knowing Businessman Myth — It’s Ruining the U.S.

After being a business professor for nearly 30 years, you’d think I’d be delighted with the worship of businessmen. But I’ve advised many CEOs and just being one doesn’t make you an astute or honorable person. It does not mean … Continue reading

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