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Can’t Get A Word in Edgewise This Holiday Season?

Social interaction increases at this time of year at work and at holiday activities.  It’s a good time to assess whether people listen to what you have to say.  Or, whether you might be monopolizing conversations. On Big Think today, … Continue reading

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When Is It The Thought That Counts in Gift Giving? And When Is It Not?

If you’ve traveled on business, you may be familiar with the research I conducted on international gift customs some years ago.  It became the “seminal work” in this area about which travel expert and publisher Fred Hornbruch wrote other references … Continue reading

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Revisiting Holiday Communication Advice

I wrote this a few years back.  Thought it might be good advice to share again: So you’re heading out to see the relatives? Or, are they coming to you? Stress is inevitable, even the stress of managing your stress. … Continue reading

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What to Say When You’re Out of Work

There’s no doubt that for many people being without a job is like being without a part of yourself.  It can be a very difficult period of time.  For many, it’s a reason to avoid social events. And yet, when … Continue reading

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