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Persuasion Shortcut Using The ACE Method

Today’s blog on Big Think, is “A Shortcut to Successful Influence” using the ACE Method, which I originally described in my first book, Persuasion in Practice.  There are a host of skills required to be an effective persuader.  Sometimes we … Continue reading

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Women Need To Share More War Stories

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.  It’s one of the primary reasons why we’re stuck in the pay inequity, slow-promotion-to-the-top situation that has little to do with whether we have babies or not and more to do with … Continue reading

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The Pros and Cons of Gossip

Sharing here a Harvard Business Review blog by Amy Gallo on gossip.  It’s one of those facts of life.  There are some useful comebacks here, too, for when you don’t want to be manipulated into being part of someone else’s … Continue reading

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Getting Too Wrapped Up in Negativity

I recently wrote back to a “ponderer” who shared with me some issues that would surely be difficult to remove from anyone’s mind.  It just so happens that this week I’d been thinking about how much our comebacks are influenced by … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh’s Verbal Camouflage “Apology” Not An Apology At All

What is a sincere apology?  We’ve all received them.  We’ve all given them.  The real ones are sincere in word and expression.  When “I’m sorry” is accompanied by a defensive speech, it is not an apology.  Tagging on those words … Continue reading

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Pivotal Moments That Change our Lives

Today I  shared with a writer one of the pivotal moments in my life.  We all have them – those times when someone, usually more senior, says something that causes us to reflect and to change.  For me it was … Continue reading

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Taunting and Verbal Sparring — Are They Not Your Style?

Perhaps you listened to Here & Now on PBS today.  Professor Gary King of Harvard University was interviewed.  In a study involving 64,000 congressional press releases, he and his team discovered that our representatives taunt 27% of the time.  He … Continue reading

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