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Managing Emotional Outbursts and Leaks

Have you ever cried at work?  Have you shouted at a boss or co-worker?  Have you lost your cool?  It’s rare to find a person who wouldn’t like a redo on an emotional moment or period in his or her … Continue reading

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Navigating This Blog (Also a few thoughts on insult vs. offense)

Thought I’d remind anyone coming by for the first time that categories of blog types are listed in the right column of this page.  If you’re looking for more on communication or suggestions specific to women, for example, you can … Continue reading

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Four Crucial Communication Resolutions for 2014

This is the season for resolutions.  With regard to communication at work, with friends, and at home here are a few that will make an immediate difference: (1) Recognize the patterns you slip into with others.  Consider how you contribute … Continue reading

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Leadership Tutorial III (for women): When to Share Your Emotions at Work

Wearing our hearts on our sleeves at work is almost always a risk.  It can be a risk worth taking. After all, attribution research about how people formulate impressions tells us that people often like others who make mistakes and … Continue reading

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Can You Spare a Compliment?

I was listening to a segment the other day about high school students in Iowa sending compliments to fellow students via Twitter.  What a terrific concept!  After all, compliments cost us nothing but they are rarer than hens’ teeth in … Continue reading

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Getting Too Wrapped Up in Negativity

I recently wrote back to a “ponderer” who shared with me some issues that would surely be difficult to remove from anyone’s mind.  It just so happens that this week I’d been thinking about how much our comebacks are influenced by … Continue reading

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When Pondering Goes Too Far

Many of us are ponderers.  We take what someone said or a passing facial expression and dwell on it for hours if not days.  There’s much to be said for pondering.  It can lead to decisions that work — that … Continue reading

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