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Back on the Hillary Media Watch

Today I posted a blog on Huffington Post about the return of gender insults perpetrated upon Hillary Clinton — this time particularly by CNN’s Gloria Borger. As a communication professor and researcher, I’m always intrigued by how words are used … Continue reading

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Meanness — Weeds in the Gardens of our Minds

Seems strangely coincidental but for me meanness is a subject that has come up in conversations this past week.  Maybe I was more alert to it.  Or maybe a lot of us are getting tired of it — sick of … Continue reading

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Speaking Like a Woman at Work

A few words on speaking like the “duck” at work — and the latitude to make mistakes on route to your own effective ways of communicating conviction and competence.   KathleenReardon – click here for video excerpt I mention in … Continue reading

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Can You Bury Your Head in the Sand When it Comes to Politics at Work?

At HBR today this question is answered. Much as many, if not most of us, would prefer to ignore politics at work, whether for profit or not, wherever people come together with different views and in competition, politics exists.  When … Continue reading

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Can’t Get A Word in Edgewise This Holiday Season?

Social interaction increases at this time of year at work and at holiday activities.  It’s a good time to assess whether people listen to what you have to say.  Or, whether you might be monopolizing conversations. On Big Think today, … Continue reading

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Handling Put-Downs at Work

I’ve been traveling the last few weeks, but back to home base.  My latest blog on Big Think takes a look at how to deal with put-downs.  Most of us drive home many days of each year thinking about what … Continue reading

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Complementing the Campaign to Banish the Term “Bossy”

Banning of the word “bossy” as it is often used to describe women who take charge is a goal set by Sheryl Sandberg, author of Lean In and a worthy one.  If nothing else, attention to the term and its … Continue reading

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