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Additional Thoughts on Authenticity

Having read the responses here and on my Huffington Post blog, “Authentic Politics: What is That?” I think the subject warrants some additional discussion. So, here are a few thoughts. When we’re discussing authenticity, there is being true to oneself … Continue reading

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Debunking Myths That Stall Women’s Careers

Shellie Karabell, leadership writer for Forbes, helped debunk some myths about female leadership this week in her blog about female killer whales.  Apparently if the male killer whales fretted as much as male and female humans about whether females should … Continue reading

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Speaking Like a Woman at Work

A few words on speaking like the “duck” at work — and the latitude to make mistakes on route to your own effective ways of communicating conviction and competence.   KathleenReardon – click here for video excerpt I mention in … Continue reading

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Political Inquisitiveness — The First Step In Political Clout for Women

Below are some additional thoughts on politics and the importance of girls and women learning what to expect and how to manage politics at work.  The Secret Handshake and It’s All Politics were written to help with this endeavor — for … Continue reading

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Are You An Unapologetic Feminist? Emma Watson Shows What That Looks Like For Young Women

If you watched actor Emma Watson’s speech to the United Nations last Sunday, you saw a strong, young woman do her part to make “feminism” constructively meaningful again.  In a few minutes, she did what many women and men have … Continue reading

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Politics and Male-Female Differences

On Huffington Post today you’ll find “Is a Female President Only a Pipe Dream” written about the subtle forms of communication that stand between women candidates and the presidency.   Facts about women in congress indicate the extent of the … Continue reading

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Women Need To Share More War Stories

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.  It’s one of the primary reasons why we’re stuck in the pay inequity, slow-promotion-to-the-top situation that has little to do with whether we have babies or not and more to do with … Continue reading

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