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What’s Missing From This Photo? And, by the way, speed is not a Quality of Leadership — Special Forces Just Died In Niger But No Mention. Instead Pressuring Generals/Admirals to Hurry Up

Anything missing from this photo? And, why was there no mention of the special forces who lost their lives in Niger before pressuring the Generals and Admirals to move faster? Where was the sensitivity to those lives — those very patriotic and excellent people? Where was the recognition that speed is not leadership? Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Leadership and Why It’s Lacking

Here are some thoughts about leadership derived from my work with fellow professors and researchers Alan Rowe and Warren Bennis.  You can find more about the LSI and leadership types here and in The Secret Handshake where you’ll also find the inventory. … Continue reading

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Was the President Suckered in the “Context of Conversation”

People who become effective leaders have a greater than average willingness to make bold moves, but they strengthen their chances of success—and avoid serious errors of judgment—through careful deliberation and preparation.  In short, their courage is calculated rather than impulsive. … Continue reading

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What Are the Signs of a Government Turning Pathological?

In The Secret Handshake, written long before the post-election political maelstrom we’re now experiencing in the U.S. and in many countries around the world, four types of political arenas are described.  So, too, are the political styles of employees that … Continue reading

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Is the CIA “Politicized”? An Academic Addendum to Mike Pompeo’s Response

Even church choirs are political entities.  When human being come together to achieve a goal, political activity emerges.  Wherever there is competition of ideas and/or people, political behavior exists. So it should be no surprise if intelligence agencies are to … Continue reading

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The “Gentleman” (Trump) Doth Protest Too Much

Speaking rationally, which is hard to come by lately, and taking the high road — equally infrequent — you’d think that a U.S. president-elect would calmly say of a proposed recount: “Have at it.” He or she would want whatever … Continue reading

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Memo To Women: Did You Smile Enough Today?

If not, you may be causing offense. Then again, smiling too much or at the wrong times could suggest that you lack conviction. That you’re soft.  Maybe an airhead.  Republican National Committee Chairman, Reince Priebus, criticized Hillary Clinton for not … Continue reading

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