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The Misapplication of “Campaign in Poetry and Govern in Prose”

Whenever I hear this phrase, I shudder.  It’s usually said as if we’re supposed to accept that candidate lying during election campaigns is fine. Recently, CNN’s  Chris Cuomo attributed this phrase to his father, Mario Cuomo.  But out of context it … Continue reading

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Persuasion in the Midst of Politics

Just before the holidays, I did an interview with Legal Talk Network.  Three forms of influence are discussed — persuasion, coercion and manipulation.  How to deal with a variety of political arenas and stretching your political style are two issues … Continue reading

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Learn to be Fair; Prepare for Unfair

Teaching persuasion and negotiation throughout my academic career, I always started each semester with distinctions among persuasion, manipulation and coercion — all forms of influence. Persuasion is something you do WITH others largely by appealing to reason. It is a … Continue reading

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What Could Make or Break Hillary’s Chances? – Idiosyncrasy Credits

Our perceptions of others depend upon a number of factors. Among them is the extent to which people seem to be like us. Another is attraction — appealing in some way due to characteristics we’ve learned to appreciate or perhaps … Continue reading

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Meryl Streep — The “Real Deal” Hillary

Meryl Streep starts this introduction of Hillary Clinton by mentioning how tough we can be on women. That’s not sour grapes. It’s supported by extensive research. Our choices in clothes, facial expressions, gestures, and walk, to name a few, are … Continue reading

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No Idea Stands on Its Own

I’ve always started my persuasion classes with this comment — No Idea stands on its own. That is more true today than in years past. There are so many forms of competition for attention, often with the most inane taking … Continue reading

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Are You a Seeker of Wisdom?

The blog I posted today at Big Think emerged from my own thinking about the difference between information and wisdom. Perhaps it’s because I have a birthday on the horizon. Birthdays are a good time to assess what’s been learned. … Continue reading

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