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Meryl Streep — The “Real Deal” Hillary

Meryl Streep starts this introduction of Hillary Clinton by mentioning how tough we can be on women. That’s not sour grapes. It’s supported by extensive research. Our choices in clothes, facial expressions, gestures, and walk, to name a few, are … Continue reading

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Does Electing a Female U.S. President Matter?

“Tonight’s victory is not about one person,” Clinton said when she became the presumptive nominee of her party this week. “It belongs to generations of women and men who struggled and sacrificed and made this moment possible.” There are those … Continue reading

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Clinton vs. Trump – Not likely to be a Pretty Picture

That’s the topic I wrote about today in a blog at Huffington Post. Clinton isn’t the Democratic nominee yet. But looking ahead, it may be that the very traits that have drawn Clinton considerable criticism are the ones that will … Continue reading

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The ‘Cute-and-Little’ Stage Hurts Hillary Clinton Chances with Young Women

It’s been a while since I’ve written about this topic, but little has changed.  On Huffington Post today, I revisit it in terms of Hillary Clinton’s run for president.   In They Don’t Get It, Do They?  (re-released recently on … Continue reading

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Faculty Gender Issues on Campus — Aren’t They Gone Yet?

Just in case you were wondering if the gender issues and politics in my debut novel, Shadow Campus, really happen with professors on campuses where people are supposed to be open-minded, you might want to read this article by six … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton and the Gender Challenge

We are already getting glimpses in the media of how big a role gender will play in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. We are on the doorstep of history again. The battle will be intense. There is no doubt about that. … Continue reading

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