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Back on the Hillary Media Watch

Today I posted a blog on Huffington Post about the return of gender insults perpetrated upon Hillary Clinton — this time particularly by CNN’s Gloria Borger. As a communication professor and researcher, I’m always intrigued by how words are used … Continue reading

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More on Disagreeing Without Being Disagreeable

I posted today on Big Think about a process from my book, It’s All Politics (PURRR) that can help avoid reacting rather than responding, especially at work.  Often many of us say what we don’t mean, speak before we think, … Continue reading

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Unwanted Repetitive Episodes — Breaking loose at Choice Points

Unwanted repetitive episodes (URPs or UREPs for short) are the patterns we develop with people at work, at home, in friendships and even with acquaintances.  They’re unwanted because they’re dysfunctional.  I’ve written about them in my books on politics at … Continue reading

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“Is There Another Way To Say That?”

This is one of my favorite phrases, as my children will attest, for letting someone know that the way they’ve said something could be interpreted to their disadvantage.  Perhaps the person is in an irritable mood.  He or she snaps … Continue reading

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Political Inquisitiveness — The First Step In Political Clout for Women

Below are some additional thoughts on politics and the importance of girls and women learning what to expect and how to manage politics at work.  The Secret Handshake and It’s All Politics were written to help with this endeavor — for … Continue reading

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The Power of Framing

Today on Big Think I wrote about how framing can enhance persuasion — and also romance — as the latter is certainly a form of the former.  Framing in conversation suggests or imposes a type on the interaction.  Is this … Continue reading

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To Whom Did You Give Power Today?

At Big Think today I wrote about the power we give to others who least deserve it. Happiness, success, and sense of self worth are influenced by dependence on others.   And so, we should choose wisely the people on … Continue reading

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