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Some Thoughts on Leadership and Why It’s Lacking

Here are some thoughts about leadership derived from my work with fellow professors and researchers Alan Rowe and Warren Bennis.  You can find more about the LSI and leadership types here and in The Secret Handshake where you’ll also find the inventory. … Continue reading

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Would You Like To Be More Persuasive?

I’ve started my persuasion and negotiation classes with some important key points about both.  Among these is the one discussed at Big Think.  When we prepare to persuade, we often consider what we want to achieve and then decide the … Continue reading

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Vulnerability as a Skill

“The Power of Vulnerability” is my latest post on Big Think.  We don’t often think of vulnerability as anything other than something to be avoided.  Yet, communication cannot work effectively if none of the parties involved is willing to relinquish … Continue reading

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Joseph Cooper Show, NPR Radio, South Florida

COMEBACK TIP Today’s interview with Joseph Cooper raised some really good comeback questions. For example, what do you say to a micromanager boss driving your crazy? Instead of a comeback that he or she might take personally, why not focus … Continue reading

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