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More on Disagreeing Without Being Disagreeable

I posted today on Big Think about a process from my book, It’s All Politics (PURRR) that can help avoid reacting rather than responding, especially at work.  Often many of us say what we don’t mean, speak before we think, … Continue reading

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Managing Emotional Outbursts and Leaks

Have you ever cried at work?  Have you shouted at a boss or co-worker?  Have you lost your cool?  It’s rare to find a person who wouldn’t like a redo on an emotional moment or period in his or her … Continue reading

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Handling Put-Downs at Work

I’ve been traveling the last few weeks, but back to home base.  My latest blog on Big Think takes a look at how to deal with put-downs.  Most of us drive home many days of each year thinking about what … Continue reading

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The Holiday Gift of No Arguments and How To Pull That Off

We’re entering the season of URPs or UREPs if it helps to remember the “E” for episodes (Unwanted repetitive episodes) in our conversations.  As you may have read in The Secret Handshake and It’s All Politics and in the story … Continue reading

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A Few Romney-Gingrich Debate Comebacks Lessons

Last night former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, attempted to undermine Governor Mitt Romney’s claim that as a businessman he’s better suited to be president in these harsh economic times.  Romney’s implication is that he is not a career … Continue reading

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What Do You Say When People Let You Down?

We’ve all been there.  Someone you’ve helped whenever he or she needed it just couldn’t do a small thing for you.  Perhaps you’ve tortured yourself over the disappointment or you flown into a rage.  Either way, you’re the one who … Continue reading

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Are The Red Sox Suffering from Political Pathology?

You’ll rarely find me writing about baseball, though I love the game.  But here it goes.  I would be truly surprised if the Red Sox aren’t suffering from an increasing case of pathological politics.  If you’ve read Comebacks at Work … Continue reading

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