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Do You Have What It Takes To Confront?

In most organizations, leadership potential is inextricably tied to mastering confrontation.  Take a look at this short video of Tim Andree, CEO of Dentsu America. Then ask yourself if you’ve learned enough about confrontation.  Do you resort to the same … Continue reading

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Speaking of “Bad Apples”

In today’s New York Times, Stanford professor Robert Sutton writes about nastiness at work, especially what he calls “jerk-infested” workplaces. Continue reading

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Comebacks for Leaders

Three of the primary characteristics of an effective leader are expertise, conviction and trustworthiness. How can any of these be conveyed without effective communication? They can’t. Continue reading

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A Tip For Being 75% Responsible For How People Treat You

As you may have read in yesterday’s post on choice points, each comment or expression we make influences the options of people with whom we’re communicating.  If we say, “How are you?” to someone and keep walking, she knows that … Continue reading

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The Critical Issue of Choice Points

When conflict is nearly inevitable, choice points in an interaction become critical. Knowing how to identify choice points and direct the conversation away from confrontation is a valuable comebacks skill. Continue reading

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Handling “Verbal Smackdowns”

Over at Anita Bruzzese’s site is an article she wrote for USA Today online.  The cartoon and her story of her own family’s code word for those “wish-I’d-said” moments that Chris and I write about is well worth the read. … Continue reading

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Comebacks for the President

When I mention that we’re at least 75% responsible for how people respond to us, that goes for presidents too. Where’s the passion? Continue reading

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