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Who Tends To Be Happier? A Thought For The Year Ahead

Perhaps you read the “Economist” article about people being happier as they get older. It’s worth a read.  Here are a couple of excerpts to give you the general idea: Ask a bunch of 30-year-olds and another of 70-year-olds (as … Continue reading

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Real Change Takes Effective Responses To Resistance

This post was inspired by a question on one of my linked-in groups about what it takes to bring about change.  First, research tells us that people often prefer to stick with the status quo even if they know it’s … Continue reading

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Radio Interview – Bill Kearney, Concord NH WKXL

This interview was a really good one because Bill had clearly read Comebacks at Work.  He asked great questions, so I thought I’d share the interview with you along with some additional ideas. Click here to listen to the interview. … Continue reading

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Why Republicans Get To Cry — continued

On “Huffington Post” today, I posted a blog:  Why Republicans Get To Cry. The main point in that blog is that what seems to not be strategic often is exactly that. Otherwise, you have to wonder why John Boehner is … Continue reading

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More social — bigger brain

That’s what this research indicates.  And more interesting still is that the more social we are as we get older, the lower the risk of dementia.  But what if your communication isn’t gratifying? What if it causes more stress than … Continue reading

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Responding to Deception — A Short Analysis

Here are a few thoughts on dealing with deception.  For those of you dropping by from my response to Robert Reich on Huffington Post, the levels of deception are what may interest you most.  How far has Washington gone with … Continue reading

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What The President Could Have Said About Tax Cuts

President Barrack Obama started off on the wrong foot when announcing his plan to trade a year of unemployment benefits for two years of extended tax cuts. He knew it would be an unpopular compromise with many in his party, … Continue reading

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