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Comebacks Up Close — How to not be Predictable

This recent interview conducted by Jean Stafford describes a number of concepts in Comebacks at Work.  Much of what you’ll hear involves doing the unexpected rather than being predictable.  We are creatures of pattern and often react rather than respond. … Continue reading

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What are Comebacks? Why do You Need To Have a Repertoire?

I’ve wondered at times lately whether the title of our new book throws people off. Comebacks are viewed by some as quips rather than what to say in difficult situations. The broader definition of comebacks includes long and short ways … Continue reading

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When Hateful Communication Prevails

If we accept outrageous lies and hateful attacks as just the way things are, then that’s how they’ll continue to be.  Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican or somewhere in between, respect shown to hateful media personalities eliciting fear and … Continue reading

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NPR: Faith Middleton’s Review of Comebacks At Work

On December 23, Faith Middleton of NPR recommended  Comebacks at Work.  She said it’s “a book I love,” “a great, great, book,” “I learned so much from this book,” and “I’d recommend it for anyone” (offender or offendee and people … Continue reading

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Webinar on February 9 — Hope You’ll Join Us

I’ll be doing a webinar for UMASS on February 9 from noon to 1 P.M..  It’ll focus on the latest book, COMEBACKS AT WORK.  Attached is the link.  Looking forward to talking with you then. Kathleen

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