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Taunting and Verbal Sparring — Are They Not Your Style?

Perhaps you listened to Here & Now on PBS today.  Professor Gary King of Harvard University was interviewed.  In a study involving 64,000 congressional press releases, he and his team discovered that our representatives taunt 27% of the time.  He … Continue reading

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Short-Cut Method To Long-Term Influence

In my persuasion writing, I introduced a method of formulating persuasive responses called The ACE Model.  Persuasion research indicates that most rational attempts to influence appeal to appropriateness, consistency or effectiveness of an action.  Appropriateness appeals focus on whether what … Continue reading

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So Many Liars, So Little Time

I hate to be the one to say it but there are too many liars out there.  It comes so easily to so many and is celebrated so long as it leads to a win.  I’ve been writing about increasing … Continue reading

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