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What to Say When You’re Out of Work

There’s no doubt that for many people being without a job is like being without a part of yourself.  It can be a very difficult period of time.  For many, it’s a reason to avoid social events. And yet, when … Continue reading

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IT’S ALL POLITICS an Amazon Kindle Bestseller

Comebacks at Work, the newest book, The Secret Handshake and It’s All Politics have been Amazon best- and top-sellers. Today, on a Sunday when books are being bought based on Sunday reviews, It’s All Politics is on the Kindle Bestseller … Continue reading

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A Few Romney-Gingrich Debate Comebacks Lessons

Last night former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, attempted to undermine Governor Mitt Romney’s claim that as a businessman he’s better suited to be president in these harsh economic times.  Romney’s implication is that he is not a career … Continue reading

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When to Forgive and Forget

That’s the subject of a blog I posted today on Huffington Post.  It pertains to presidential candidates, but there are a few lessons and reminders in it for all of us.  When someone is running for President of the United … Continue reading

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What Do You Say When People Let You Down?

We’ve all been there.  Someone you’ve helped whenever he or she needed it just couldn’t do a small thing for you.  Perhaps you’ve tortured yourself over the disappointment or you flown into a rage.  Either way, you’re the one who … Continue reading

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