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Persuasion: The Lost Art at The Top

My blog, “Why Should We Believe Them This Time?” is on Huffington Post today.  It’s a question that must be in the minds of not only Americans but people around the world trying to assess whether this time our leaders … Continue reading

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Leadership Tutorials for Women

If you’ve stopped by to read the Leadership Tutorials for Women, you can go to that section by clicking “Categories” in the right column of this page and then “Tutorials for Women.”  You’ll find them a lot more quickly that … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Education Plan

I just posted a blog on Huffpo “President Obama’s Education Plan — A No-Brainer for Colleges.”  That one deals with the ability of colleges to respond with some ease to the president’s concerns because they are set up to do … Continue reading

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Just Another Day of Assumptions, Inferences and Judgments

I was listening yesterday to a former debater describe how difficult it is for young people to understand the importance of providing credible support for what they say in an era when even the most established of sources get away … Continue reading

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SHADOW CAMPUS #25 on Amazon Crime Thriller Bestsellers!

My debut novel, just released a few weeks ago, is #25 today on Amazon KINDLE Crime Thriller Bestsellers! Writing and publishing a novel after years of nonfiction is a challenge but now authors need to help get the word out. … Continue reading

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Standing Up For Your Health

I posted a blog on Huffington Post today, “Mammogram Assault –  It Doesn’t Have to Happen to You” because it doesn’t.   Many of the blogs on this site are about what to say when things aren’t right.  When it … Continue reading

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What Do You Say to “No”?

Sometimes a “No” means exactly that.  More often than not, it means “I can’t help you,” “I won’t help you,” “I don’t know how,” “I couldn’t be bothered,” or some related message.  Most “No” responses have more to do with … Continue reading

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