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Google VP Megan Smith and URPs in the Way of Women Engineers

My last blog looked at the challenges women in academia face getting ahead in a number of fields.  Rather than conscious discrimination, though that exists, women business and academic leaders are talking about unconscious patterns or habits that keep women … Continue reading

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Are Women Still Facing Promotion Problems in Academia?

After writing Shadow Campus, some people asked if the difficulty Meg faced in getting tenured in a primarily male business school actually still happens.  I can’t blame people for thinking that situation surely must be fiction by now, and indeed … Continue reading

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Shadow Campus “Masterful Debut Mystery Novel” Writes Forbes’ Dorie Clark

Take a look at Dorie Clark’s thoughts on Shadow Campus here.

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A Few Useful Tips To Avoid Impasse in Negotiation

Negotiation can be pretty rough-and-tumble, as we have been witnessing in Washington the last several weeks, but skillful negotiation isn’t about sending the other side away feeling like a loser.  There is no talent to that and little long-term reward. … Continue reading

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How Distributive Negotiation Works — A Look at House Republican Strategy

So much has been written about integrative negotiation where the goal is often win-win, that we forget that another type of negotiation exists as well — distributive.  In this blog published today on Huffington Post, “Are Republicans Crazy? No!” you … Continue reading

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