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New Interview on Shadow Campus with Hosts of A Couple of Writers

Debbie and Ron Tracy of A Couple of Writers just posted this interview with me about Shadow Campus and the writing of it.  Hope you enjoy it.  Happy New Year!

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The Holiday Gift of No Arguments and How To Pull That Off

We’re entering the season of URPs or UREPs if it helps to remember the “E” for episodes (Unwanted repetitive episodes) in our conversations.  As you may have read in The Secret Handshake and It’s All Politics and in the story … Continue reading

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When Is It The Thought That Counts in Gift Giving? And When Is It Not?

If you’ve traveled on business, you may be familiar with the research I conducted on international gift customs some years ago.  It became the “seminal work” in this area about which travel expert and publisher Fred Hornbruch wrote other references … Continue reading

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Are We Asking The Right Questions About Women Getting Ahead At Work?

The Sunday New York Times front-page story “Wall Street Mothers, Stay-Home Fathers” is a look at how women can make it to the top by engaging in an increasingly popular form of “marrying well” — having a stay-at-home husband. An interesting article, it nonetheless … Continue reading

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The Wrong Question: Is This Person Worth a Favor?

People are linking all around the globe.  It’s supposedly savvy to know and be known, to connect and be connected.  But too often these connections are peripheral.  People don’t mind knowing you so long as they don’t have to provide … Continue reading

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