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Questions Women Need To Ask About Politics At Work

This morning I was reminded by a tweet from Nantucket blACKbook that some things you need to be a bear about repeating.  When it comes to women knowing more about politics at work, that’s definitely the case.  So, my thanks … Continue reading

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How Important is an Education from a Top Ranked College?

I posted this comment today on Linkedin’s Forbes Woman Group.  The question pertained to whether it’s better to go to a highly ranked university.  Here are a few thoughts for future and current college students and their parents. A degree … Continue reading

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At the Intersection of Leadership and Politics

I posted this comment in response to a post by Jon Currie on the new Linkedin group Wholehearted Leadership.  Thought I’d share it.  The post was: We need more common sense and less rule structure to truly be leaders. Boundaries, … Continue reading

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Who Are We To Judge? There Are No Rules For Living With Cancer

This blog follows from one posted today at The Conversation and also at Huffington Post.  Here are a few extra thoughts. When I found a suspicious lump in my right breast, what I would have given to read Lisa Adams’ … Continue reading

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Making a List of “Highly Qualified” Women to Help Apple Find Some Female Board Members

Apparently it could take Apple years to find “highly qualified” women for their board (see below).  They obviously need help.  So, feel free to send me (via comments) suggested names and links to their bios.  Or, send them along to … Continue reading

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Looking for “Tutorials for Women”?

If so, go to the right column of this page and click on “Categories.”  You’ll find it and other topics there.  Thanks for dropping by,  Kathleen

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No Excuse for Apple’s Binders Full of Women Problem

That’s the title of my latest blog.  And yes, I’m miffed.  How many Apple customers does it take for them to have more than one woman on their board, the same woman who is their only minority board member?  It’s … Continue reading

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