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Can Politics Be Learned?

I’ve been asked this question many times.  And also about persuasion, which I have studied and taught even longer.  I learned long ago that all the persuasion strategies in the world are useless if you don’t understand the political climate … Continue reading

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A Different Slant on “A Fighting Chance” — A Bracing Dose of Reality for Women

The blog below was published today on the front page of Huffington Post.  Like the war stories blog posted yesterday, on Big Think, it’s about Elizabeth Warren’s new book, A Fighting Chance and why it’s a bracing dose of political reality … Continue reading

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Women Need To Share More War Stories

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.  It’s one of the primary reasons why we’re stuck in the pay inequity, slow-promotion-to-the-top situation that has little to do with whether we have babies or not and more to do with … Continue reading

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Parkinson’s Patients Make A Huge Difference in Seeking a Cure

Today on Big Think, I posted the blog “Parkinson’s Patients ‘Roar’ On Faster Route to a Cure.”  PD patients are having a louder voice than every before in defining PD, finding treatments and seeking a cure.  Ironically, people with PD … Continue reading

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David Brooks on Suffering – Parkinson’s Awareness Month

This essay by David Brooks is well worth a read.  We all suffer at times and when we’re fortunate, we learn from that pain.  One of the best lessons I learned in life having breast cancer at age 32 and … Continue reading

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