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Are Real Leaders All That Tough?

Common wisdom is that they’re tough when they need to be.  “Don’t let this sweet face fool you,” was one of my favorite, slightly humorous warnings now and then throughout my career.  But there’s a difference between being tough and … Continue reading

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Shifting Focus to the Good

I was just reading an article posted on Linkedin about the tendency women have to take on feelings of failure — to not see a bump in the road as an opportunity for growth.  You can’t really blame any of … Continue reading

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The Hypocrisy of Killing The Messenger

It’s a rare person in business of any kind who has not heard people at the top say that failure is an inevitable and valuable experience on the road to success.  And yet, how many of these same leaders run … Continue reading

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What if Honesty Had Been a Priority at GM?

At Big Think today, I posted a blog on “The Power of Honesty.” We live in a time when it is less valued than playing along to get along, staying under the radar, passing the buck, and a host of other … Continue reading

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