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Are You An Unapologetic Feminist? Emma Watson Shows What That Looks Like For Young Women

If you watched actor Emma Watson’s speech to the United Nations last Sunday, you saw a strong, young woman do her part to make “feminism” constructively meaningful again.  In a few minutes, she did what many women and men have … Continue reading

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The Power of Framing

Today on Big Think I wrote about how framing can enhance persuasion — and also romance — as the latter is certainly a form of the former.  Framing in conversation suggests or imposes a type on the interaction.  Is this … Continue reading

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Do You Work For a Monster?

If so, you may find some solace and tips in the blog I posted yesterday on Big Think, “The Vulnerability of Power.”  It’s natural to think that power, once obtained, grows.  But, in actuality, those in power, especially the predictable … Continue reading

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Would You Like To Be More Persuasive?

I’ve started my persuasion and negotiation classes with some important key points about both.  Among these is the one discussed at Big Think.  When we prepare to persuade, we often consider what we want to achieve and then decide the … Continue reading

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