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Managing Emotional Outbursts and Leaks

Have you ever cried at work?  Have you shouted at a boss or co-worker?  Have you lost your cool?  It’s rare to find a person who wouldn’t like a redo on an emotional moment or period in his or her … Continue reading

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Persuasion: A Healthy Sign in Most Relationships

I’ve always started my classes in persuasion with a discussion about the difference between it and two other forms of influence:  manipulation and coercion.  None of these three forms is completely free of deceit.  In fact, we expect some degree … Continue reading

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When Persuasion is Not and Option

On the front page of Huffington Post you’ll find “The Common Ground Fallacy.”   It explores what happens to a government, actually to any organization, when persuasion is no longer an option, when it has to give way to two … Continue reading

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Political Inquisitiveness — The First Step In Political Clout for Women

Below are some additional thoughts on politics and the importance of girls and women learning what to expect and how to manage politics at work.  The Secret Handshake and It’s All Politics were written to help with this endeavor — for … Continue reading

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