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Changing Politics At Work Before It’s Too Late

It takes courage to confront the political landscape of any group, family or organization — moreso when that landscape is what Pope Francis recently described as “ailing.” Identifying 15 “ailments,” he took a huge step toward potential change.  But knowing … Continue reading

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The Persuasiveness of “Taking The High Road” – The UVA/Rolling Stone Example

Taking the high road is the subject of my most recent Big Think blog, as you can read here. But how do we take the high road when under pressure?  In the midst of anger, frustration or other negative emotions, how … Continue reading

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Can’t Get A Word in Edgewise This Holiday Season?

Social interaction increases at this time of year at work and at holiday activities.  It’s a good time to assess whether people listen to what you have to say.  Or, whether you might be monopolizing conversations. On Big Think today, … Continue reading

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