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More on Disagreeing Without Being Disagreeable

I posted today on Big Think about a process from my book, It’s All Politics (PURRR) that can help avoid reacting rather than responding, especially at work.  Often many of us say what we don’t mean, speak before we think, … Continue reading

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Is There Still an Art to Connectedness?

As human beings we have a need for inclusion — being connected to others. Professionally, such connectedness can be a considerable advantage as well.  As I wrote in a blog at Big Think today, however, it’s easy to forget that “real” … Continue reading

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Protecting Yourself From Media Lies

The poor quality of most televised and print journalism in the U.S. is an issue that is even more concerning as a presidential election draws nearer.  And so I wrote the blog featured today on Huffington Post about how that … Continue reading

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Debunking Myths That Stall Women’s Careers

Shellie Karabell, leadership writer for Forbes, helped debunk some myths about female leadership this week in her blog about female killer whales.  Apparently if the male killer whales fretted as much as male and female humans about whether females should … Continue reading

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Comebacks at Work Opportunity

About a month ago I noticed that Comebacks at Work had been reduced from around $11.99 to $3.99 on Amazon Kindle.  I mentioned it on this site. Shortly thereafter, it went back up.  It’s now back down again to $3.99. … Continue reading

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Unwanted Repetitive Episodes — Breaking loose at Choice Points

Unwanted repetitive episodes (URPs or UREPs for short) are the patterns we develop with people at work, at home, in friendships and even with acquaintances.  They’re unwanted because they’re dysfunctional.  I’ve written about them in my books on politics at … Continue reading

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Speaking Like a Woman at Work

A few words on speaking like the “duck” at work — and the latitude to make mistakes on route to your own effective ways of communicating conviction and competence.   KathleenReardon – click here for video excerpt I mention in … Continue reading

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