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No Idea Stands on Its Own

I’ve always started my persuasion classes with this comment — No Idea stands on its own. That is more true today than in years past. There are so many forms of competition for attention, often with the most inane taking … Continue reading

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The Politics of Making People Feel Good

Given the contentiousness of the U.S. presidential race, you might wonder if politics has been turned on its head. Where is civility? Where is statesmanship? Why all this ringside excitement as if we’re looking forward to a fight? In The … Continue reading

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What To Say When a Conversation Turns Negative

That’s the subject of my┬áHarvard Business Review blog to be published today (11 a.m. EST) ┬áhere. When studying for my doctorate, my research focused on how children deal with disruptions in conversation. We learn early, if we’re fortunate, how to … Continue reading

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