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Hillary’s Speech — The First Female Presidential Candidate Knocks It Out of the Park!

I heard the first few minutes of Hillary Clinton’s speech on the radio. I was worried. It was stilted. Seeing her on television didn’t initially assuage those concerns, as her eyes were wide and her words did not flow smoothly. … Continue reading

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“Class Act” Revived at the DNC

The term “class act” came to mind repeatedly tonight as speaker after speaker stood at the Democratic National Convention podium and reminded us of what truly matters. And we probably needed it. Last week we witnessed consecutive rants about fear … Continue reading

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Meryl Streep — The “Real Deal” Hillary

Meryl Streep starts this introduction of Hillary Clinton by mentioning how tough we can be on women. That’s not sour grapes. It’s supported by extensive research. Our choices in clothes, facial expressions, gestures, and walk, to name a few, are … Continue reading

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Scary Lines in Donald Trump’s Convention Speech

Experts might reasonably agree that Donald Trump’s convention speech was too long. By the time he finished, it was difficult to remember what he’d promised. His conviction was evident. ┬áTo his additional credit, he made efforts to identify with his … Continue reading

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Keeping On Track When Others Disagree With You

As a former debater and having studied persuasion and negotiation my entire career, I enjoy disagreeing without being disagreeable. That situation is harder to find nowadays. Even the best intentions at dinner gatherings can lead to dispute. So, here is … Continue reading

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