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Now Who Doesn’t Look Presidential?

From Donald Trump’s perspective, he did well in last night’s debate because he didn’t say some nasty things he was thinking. And, indeed, he did refrain from most personal attacks. But he also managed to reveal that he lacks presidential … Continue reading

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What Could Make or Break Hillary’s Chances? – Idiosyncrasy Credits

Our perceptions of others depend upon a number of factors. Among them is the extent to which people seem to be like us. Another is attraction — appealing in some way due to characteristics we’ve learned to appreciate or perhaps … Continue reading

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Art Exhibit in Ireland

Aside from blogging at this site, I have an art page. ¬†Getting to it just requires going to the headings section under the “Kathleen Kelley Reardon” poster at the top of the page and clicking on “Artwork.” Also, I’m posting … Continue reading

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Even in the White House, Women at the top Struggle to be “In The Room”

As I wrote in It’s All Politics, you have to be visible, central and relevant (VCR) to be promoted in most organizations. And this advice doesn’t just pertain to young women. For a while, young women are often¬†“cute-and-little” and draw … Continue reading

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OMG! Pneumonia. Only Weak Women Get That!

When a man gets ill, he’s ill. When a woman gets ill, it’s a threat to her career. Take it from someone who had breast cancer at an early age and had to knock herself out to keep it from … Continue reading

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They Aren’t Your Generals! They’re Ours!

Words and phrases matter. If we slip into accepting a way of talking that threatens our basic values, we contribute to their downfall. And so it is with the all-too-common tendency to use “my” when presidential candidates refer to admirals … Continue reading

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Natural Communication Takes Work

We’re not surprised that olympians differ in their overall capability or ability to perform on a particular day. Yet, when it comes to communication there is a tendency to not think in these terms. ¬†Nevertheless, effective communication, persuasion and negotiation … Continue reading

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