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The “Gentleman” (Trump) Doth Protest Too Much

Speaking rationally, which is hard to come by lately, and taking the high road — equally infrequent — you’d think that a U.S. president-elect would calmly say of a proposed recount: “Have at it.” He or she would want whatever … Continue reading

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Putting Democratic Leadership on Notice — Don’t Blame Hillary’s “Flaws”

If I hear about Hillary Clinton’s “flaws” from Democrats one more time, they can try winning the next election without women like me. How pathetic can you get than to hint at and explicitly tout supposed “flaws” of your candidate … Continue reading

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Learn to be Fair; Prepare for Unfair

Teaching persuasion and negotiation throughout my academic career, I always started each semester with distinctions among persuasion, manipulation and coercion — all forms of influence. Persuasion is something you do WITH others largely by appealing to reason. It is a … Continue reading

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A Sexism Wake-Up Call To Young Women — Election 2016

(A Slightly edited version of this blog ALSO APPEARED on Huffington Post and currently has over 6,000 likes, which hopefully means it has struck a chord — that young women in particular are reconsidering where they stand and what they … Continue reading

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Election Day Choice: Civility and Competence vs. Incivility and Hubris

In large part, voting for the next U.S.  president comes down to a choice between civility and competence as opposed to incivility and hubris. Despite constant efforts by some in the media to paint Clinton with the same “mean” brush … Continue reading

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Hillary Supporters Are Wildly Enthusiastic About Getting The Job Done!

When Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, two-thirds of Americans approved of her, Bill Kristof reminds us today in an article about the strengths of Hillary Clinton. We hear so much about her not being “liked” even though millions have … Continue reading

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Poisoning the Well — Dirty Presidential Election Politics

Usually this negative political strategy – poisoning the well — is done subtly. It typically involves innuendo. Imagine this scenario: A woman is being considered for promotion. An influential detractor says, “She’s really exceptional, I wonder why nobody likes her.” … Continue reading

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