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Dear President Obama, We Expected Better Today

Can’t believe I’m listening to President Obama’s last press conference and hearing what I’m hearing.  He’s telling us his administration floated Russian hacking out to the public months ago but didn’t want to emphasize it and appear partisan. Better, they … Continue reading

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The All-Knowing Businessman Myth — It’s Ruining the U.S.

After being a business professor for nearly 30 years, you’d think I’d be delighted with the worship of businessmen. But I’ve advised many CEOs and just being one doesn’t make you an astute or honorable person. It does not mean … Continue reading

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Machiavelli-Like Lessons From the President-Elect Circle of “Friends”

Things we’re learning in the post election season likely to be passed on to the children.  It reads a little like Machiavelli’s The Prince: If you constantly lie and berate people, others (like Paul Ryan) may refer to you, not … Continue reading

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