How Much Has Really Changed For Women Since 1995?

In 1995 my first trade book They Don’t Get It, Do They? was published.  It should be a relic by now.  Here is an article about the book from the L.A. Times of that year.   How much has really changed?

Cinderella and the Glass Ceiling

The title annoyed some people, but it referred to both men and women not getting it in terms of dysfunctional patterns of communication and politics that were holding women back.  As those of you who read this blog know, I’ve segued to fiction with Shadow Campus.  Sometimes a story can convey more effectively than an essay, blog or lecture how subtle exclusions can still slow or terminate a woman’s career if she isn’t watching for communication patterns that undermine her competence and leadership. See Tutorials that deal with some of these patterns by going to the Categories section to the right and clicking on Tutorials for Women.

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