Resisting Persuasion Is More Important By The Day

On Big Think today I posted a blog about resisting social media and online persuasion. Since much of my career has focused on persuasion, including my first book, Persuasion in Practice, I’ve always been more than intrigued by the novel ways developed to get us to do what we’d not even think to do otherwise.

Research shows that when we’re distracted, we’re even more easily persuaded.  We have difficulty formulating counterarguments when distracted.   And how can we avoid being distracted given all the messages we’re bombarded with in only seconds on the Internet?

Are you an easy target?  Are you children critical consumers and aware of how easily they can be persuaded by crafty advertisers who know far too much about them?  In this blog, there’s a technique useful in beginning to fight back against subliminal persuasion which we experience far more everyday than ever before.

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