The Skilled Negotiator now on ebook!

My book, The Skilled Negotiator, has had an unusual journey.  I published it as a trade book with Jossey-Bass and Wiley (parent company) published an academic version (much more expensive).  As is often the case, to make sure a book sells as an expensive academic book, the trade book version did not get the publicity.  For some time, that was just the way it was.  For a few years lately, however, I tried to get an e-book version made available.  I just discovered that The Skilled Negotiator is now available as an e-book in the U.S. on Barnes & Noble Nook and on Google Play and Kobo. It’s also on Wiley’s list on e-book in the UK.  I’ll be looking into when or if it will become available for Kindle.  Sometimes the author is the last to know.

This book comes from my years of teaching and consulting in negotiation.  It’s packed with information which may be somewhat advanced as it’s geared to becoming a truly skilled negotiator. It’s great stuff, if I do say so myself.  I love this book.  I’ve had waiting lists of two years for my MBA negotiation classes and finally this book is available to everyone.  It just takes a little searching, which fortunately I did recently after reading an e-mail from the Author’s Guild about how long publishers hold onto book rights (35 years after the author’s death or more) keeping authors from getting their books out there.  The Skilled Negotiator has recently found its way out there via Wiley, so long in the shadow of its academic version for far more money.  Take a look!  Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Frankie Bow says:

    This is great news, Kathleen! I went to the Amazon page for the book and requested it on Kindle by clicking .
    Fingers crossed!

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