Faculty Gender Issues on Campus — Aren’t They Gone Yet?

Just in case you were wondering if the gender issues and politics in my debut novel, Shadow Campus, really happen with professors on campuses where people are supposed to be open-minded, you might want to read this article by six very accomplished female Cornell professors: “Let’s Face It:  Gender Bias in Academia is Real.”  Shadow Campus is fiction, but fiction doesn’t just spring from nowhere.

If you haven’t read Shadow Campus yet, you can click on the photo of the book in the right column of this page.  The sequel is almost finished!  Still some editing to do.  Shamus Doherty and the other main characters will be back!

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  1. Just purchased the Kindle version from Amazon! I look forward to reading it–as a retired scientist who has written short fiction about the irrationality common in the supposedly rational halls of science.
    And thanks for the gender-bias link.

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