That “Biden Magic” Revealed Again

In 2007, I posted a blog entitled “That Biden Magic”. That magic is depth, empathy, humor and humility. We saw it again with Stephen Colbert, who has also overcome adversity. As we continue to think about authenticity this week and as the election moves forward, it’s well worth a few moments to listen to Vice President Joe Biden share what really matters.  All candidates for the U.S. presidency could take a few lessons from this interview, including how few words it takes to convey ideas when they come from the heart.

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One Response to That “Biden Magic” Revealed Again

  1. Sandra Haynes says:

    I argue that the “Biden magic” is legendary and his emotional responses are accepted and considered par for the course. Obviously heartfelt and appropriate given the passing of his son! Historically, it was frowned upon for men to wear their hearts on their sleeves. In the latter part of the twentieth century, men began being considered sensitive or metrosexuals when they displayed their soft sides. However, a woman in a position of power would never get away with being that emotional.

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