Poisoning the Well — Dirty Presidential Election Politics

Usually this negative political strategy – poisoning the well — is done subtly. It typically involves innuendo. Imagine this scenario: A woman is being considered for promotion. An influential detractor says, “She’s really exceptional, I wonder why nobody likes her.”

One of the advantages of this approach is deniability of intention.  Apparently, FBI Director James Comey didn’t care about that. He, and whoever else was in on it, threw caution to the wind. The purpose was to get the poison into the well and blowback be damned — at least for now.

The “beauty” of it, from a devious, manipulative point of view, is that he waited until absolutely nothing could be done to clean up the well he poisoned.

The question we should be asking ourselves is whether we’re going to let the presidency of the United States be influenced by such diabolical politicking. If so, we’re all losers because soon nothing will be too unethical or too evil.

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One Response to Poisoning the Well — Dirty Presidential Election Politics

  1. Scott C Pelham PMP says:

    “She’s not trustworthy, she’s no electable, she’s not likeable.” Oh really?! We’
    re talking about the same woman who has been polled internationally and voted
    “The most admired woman in the world” 17 years in a
    row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! count ’em, 17.

    What man has achieved this?!

    “She’s not electable, no one likes her.” Funny,..didn’t 3 million MORE people
    vote for Hillary in the primaries than voted for either Sanders or Trump???!!!

    Oh, I forgot, we’re Hillary supporters, aka, “The silenced majority.” We’re
    shunned and our support and positive opinions for Hillary are excluded by all
    press, media and pundits other than the Huffington Post.

    Let’s see. In the debates Donald Trump said: “I could see 1000s of Muslims
    cheering and applauding from my window on 911 as the towers were coming down.”
    and also, recorded audio on the Howard Stern show: “Vagina cost, alotta money,
    alotta money!!”

    uhhuh, yeah, getting back to the unelectable bitch:

    “She’s not trustworthy.”

    In the observation of another man, may I just quote C.K. Louis: “She’s one tough
    mother, and she get’s sh-t done! or John Elton “The Bitch is back.”

    Madam President, if you’re nasty.
    nuf said.

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