Hillary Supporters Are Wildly Enthusiastic About Getting The Job Done!

When Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, two-thirds of Americans approved of her, Bill Kristof reminds us today in an article about the strengths of Hillary Clinton.

We hear so much about her not being “liked” even though millions have already voted for her and millions more will do so. We’re told that there is an enthusiasm gap. Trump’s supporters are supposedly more excited, but pull back the camera on his rallies and the crowd is often rather thin.

We’re told repeatedly that people don’t trust her. Yet, we know Donald Trump lies constantly.  She demeans no one, he demeans whoever he dislikes at the moment.

At this point, though, there is likely little to be gained by fighting fictions and negative categories that have been thrust upon her. We’ve already seen the double standard that so many women experience at work applied right in front of our eyes to her. We’ve seen that to keep her from the presidency, even precedent and policy at the FBI have been abandoned.

What we need to remember now, though, is what she brings to the presidency. And it’s impressive by any standard. This is Kristof’s list:

“First, she knows the world exceptionally well and is essentially a very bright, disciplined nerd who traveled to more countries as secretary of state than any of her predecessors.

Second, Clinton had a history of playing well with Republicans when she was in the Senate and secretary of state, so there’s some small hope that we could inch back to governing.

“She is extremely well respected throughout the world, handles herself in a very classy way, and has a work ethic second to none,” Senator Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, said in 2012.”

Kristof added”

“Third, Clinton cares deeply about impoverished children and others who are voiceless. In Arkansas, she started an early childhood program. In Washington, she helped establish CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which supports more than eight million needy American kids.

One of America’s foremost needs is to address inequality and cycles of poverty. These are issues that Clinton has wrestled with for more than 40 years.”

There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton is more prepared for the presidency than her opponent and that she is widely respected around the world.

I’ll say one more thing about enthusiasm, which goes to liking as well.  Clinton’s supporters are busy.  They’re with her. They trust her. They’re determined. They know that history is about to be made by a woman who deserves to be president.  And they know how tough that road is right to the finish line.

They’re not celebrating until she has won.  Then the wild enthusiasm they’re putting into work right now will be there.  Just wait ’til Wednesday.  Don’t look for parties yet. It’s hard to be blowing up balloons when your nose is to the grindstone.  Hillary’s supporters know what is at stake and it’s more than one candidacy. It’s democracy itself. It’s America’s moral fiber, rejection of hatred based on differences and a return to raising all boats.

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