Putting Democratic Leadership on Notice — Don’t Blame Hillary’s “Flaws”

If I hear about Hillary Clinton’s “flaws” from Democrats one more time, they can try winning the next election without women like me. How pathetic can you get than to hint at and explicitly tout supposed “flaws” of your candidate even as a man with flaws beyond measure is U.S. President Elect?

Where were you with all your newfound knowledge about the underserved when your candidate needed you? Don’t think for a moment that because women are purportedly divided on priorities we are not listening to your attacks on one of us who decided to run her campaign on truth rather than lies and paid a huge price.

While many of us may be sick over the loss to Donald Trump, we may well become sicker still with a Democratic “leadership” that blames Clinton’s supposed “flaws” for an election they could have done far more to win. Think about it. You need us. So, find yourself another excuse to flog.

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5 Responses to Putting Democratic Leadership on Notice — Don’t Blame Hillary’s “Flaws”

  1. Hillary Clinton was an outstanding choice! As life continues to demonstrate, it is easier to pass blame when expectations shatter and thus absolve one’s fickle self of any responsibility.
    Hillary Clinton has blazed many incredible political trails. She is to be applauded for her accomplishments.
    Sadly, Americans voted to replace opportunity with oppression.
    I’m with her!

  2. Sam Kingsland says:

    The best thing to happen in 2016 was Hillary Clinton.
    The worse thing to happen in 2016 was Donald Trump.

    The worse people to blame for the election outcome, are the sexist, chauvinist, misogynists media like Chris Mathews and Joe Scarborough who lied about, committed libel, defamed and slandered Hillary and flat out insulted her on her looks and everything else they could criticize her for.

    By doing so, they handed this nation into the hands of batshit crazy monsters on the alt-right who are in control of our government now and we don’t stand a chance of surviving.

    We had a chance, to prosper, to give our children 4 years towards a better education and income, of a nation of decency, and that is gone.

    The power hungry Greedy Obstructionist Pukes will destroy us all, along with them, in their greedy, deceitful handbag of deplorables, to a Hell on Earth.

    Meanwhile it’s sit back and watch them hang themselves all over, again, no pleasure in saying “I told you” so to a handbag of deplorables who will never learn, never remember history and are doomed to repeat their mistakes over and over at the expense of our nation, the planet we live on and a brighter, better world left to future generations.

  3. Brava! She lost because of the misogyny of a substantial portion of the electorate. No one wants to hear that, but there’s at least as much misogyny in the U.S. as there is racism.

  4. Patsy Engelhard says:

    Bravo and thank you for saying it out loud. And to make your point ever more strongly, the “our revolution” notice from Bernie Sanders lists the ills that the “revolution” will fight and not a mention of sexism, misogyny or gender inequality at all. Not a mention. When 24 hours after the election even Democrats blamed HRC my sadness turned to outrage.

    She will bear the scars of the fight she has waged for decades on our behalf. We are forever in her debt. The list of people who caused the unleashing of hate is long. HRC is not on that list.

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