The Wake-Up Call Happened Today

So proud of the hundreds of thousands who marched today. Right after the election, I wrote about the “wake-up call”. Today we saw how awakened women have become. For years we’ve fallen silent, thinking the job of obtaining equality and respect was over. Not so, we learned during this election.

I’m reposting the blog I wrote about that wake-up call right after the election.  It received over 6,000 likes only having been posted briefly by Huffington Post. Women are now awake, as Gloria Steinem said today, not going to sleep again.

The wake-up call blog here.

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3 Responses to The Wake-Up Call Happened Today

  1. Kathleen, I am so glad to know that there are voices of reason like yours. You express my feelings about the threats that we may face; it’s a familiar path to me. I have memories of marching as a teenager to improve women’s opportunities for higher education, equal pay, non-judgmental employers, etc. Younger people need to know how hard we struggled for the right to choose, and how dear it is. Keep up the great work!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Wendy. I think many, many women “got it” yesterday. We may be able to make this feeling and determination stick no matter political affiliation. I posted today about that on this site. Also, my book “They Don’t Get It, Do They?” is now on Kindle, with a new introduction, for usually less than $3.00. Not much has changed since I wrote that book years ago. As you know, it’s about patterns of communication women slip into with men that get in our way. Best, K

  2. It was hard for me, I marched against Vietnam in the ’70s, I marched with Cezar Chavez in Fresno in 1965, I marched with ACT-UP in the 80’s against Reagon and for AIDS funding. I was a volunteer for the San Francisco’s Men’s Health Study, the single model for AIDS. Hospice that was adopted throughout the world.

    Today, I saw the hard-wiring of misogyny permeated throughout the masses marching. The woman who took the bullet for all women, was mentioned only once, by Ashley Judd and the crowd barely responded.

    Every crowd in every city should have been chanting relentlessly “Hillary, Hillary!” How sad to see how little women really matter, even among women, in a “women’s march.” They wholly discarded they’re leader. She is sacrificed, crucified, and now discarded. Shame. Disgrace.

    What kind of evil society are we truly living in? Look how we treat are elderly?! See how treated Hillary today. Shame. Disgrace.

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