Kiss Your Grandparents Good-Bye Under GOP Healthcare Act

Read the CBO report about the Republican healthcare plan and it’s immediately evident that especially older Americans will be hit with premiums they simply won’t be able to pay.

Next year, an additional 14 million people will be without health insurance should the GOP plan prevail.  By 2026 that number will be 24 million.  And because Paul Ryan doesn’t appear to care if older people suffer and die early, he’s pretty happy with the burden of the plan sitting on the shoulders of the aging.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, told reporters. “Thousands of Americans will die if this legislation is passed and we have to do everything that we can to see that is defeated.”

And it gets worse.  People claiming to be pro-life are willing to let especially poor and older Americans suffer and for millions of them to die early.  To cover this horrific attack on the vulnerable and ill in society, Paul Ryan bounces around saying that people will get to choose not to have health insurance.  You can bet his family will have it.

Take it from someone who was surprised to learn she had breast cancer in her early thirties.  Choosing not to have healthcare coverage is a level of optimism no one can afford.

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