Heartless Healthcare — GOP Ownership of Preventable Suffering

As President Trump meets today with GOP members of Congress to encourage backing of a proposed healthcare plan that will force millions of people to drop healthcare coverage, what other conclusion is there than that the U.S. has put the heartless among us in charge?

This plan sits heavily on the backs of millions of young people who will pay less than older people but will certainly, by necessity, decide they must gamble with their lives. And on the backs of people from age 40 on who will pay hefty, even impossible premiums.  For older people this means somewhere between 3 and 5 times what younger people will pay, as well as higher costs of care.

Take it from someone who was diagnosed with breast cancer in her early thirties after it had spread. Without healthcare, I would not be writing this blog. Young doesn’t mean exempt from health challenges.  In fact, health is what enables the young to reach their potential.

Perhaps you had a parent like mine who said repeatedly, “If you have your health, you can do almost anything.” The heartless in Congress, who have exceptional healthcare coverage for themselves and their families, plan to take from millions of Americans this foundation of life and happiness –the ability to be healthy and to successfully fend off disease.

This week’s modifications of the plan serve the wealthy with tax payoffs, propose to pressure people on Medicaid to work (even though most are elderly and sick or children), and loosely throws some money at older Americans.

Call your Congressperson today before the Thursday vote in Congress. See if he or she is heartless. Don’t fall for obfuscation about additional funds being provided for one group or another. That just divides us. Tell him or her to work on improving the ACA, not reinventing the wheel for a coach that carries only the fortunate.

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