Sexual Misconduct as a Spectrum


Here is an interview I did with David Brancaccio appearing on Marketplace Morning Report blog today about the Spectrum of Sexual Misconduct at Work (SSMW).  The spectrum is in the blog following this one.

In the interview, we discuss how companies can use the SSMW — how we all can use it — to determine whether a statement or behavior is perhaps mildly offensive or much more serious.  We also talked about how companies can adapt it to include other examples.

David and I also talked in an interview aired today about the wider issues women face at work and how my Harvard Business Review 1993 case that went viral then,”The Memo Every Woman Keeps in Her Desk,” still has relevance today.  Nearly twenty-five years ago, David’s mother-in-law had shared it with his aunt who’d shared it with David’s wife, Mary. His aunt and Mary reminded him of the case and David tracked me down.  Have a listen.


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