Comebacks Up Close — How to not be Predictable

This recent interview conducted by Jean Stafford describes a number of concepts in Comebacks at Work.  Much of what you’ll hear involves doing the unexpected rather than being predictable.  We are creatures of pattern and often react rather than respond.  Before we know it, we’re in an unwanted repetitive episode — AGAIN!  Why not start tomorrow to be less predictable so people can’t manage you?  Besides, people who are predictable tend not to be interesting.  If you have a repertoire of comebacks and practice using them and then also develop and learn new ones, that problem goes away.

Hope you enjoy listening to the interview.

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  1. I just read your post about patterned reactions, yes, we all have them. The way we respond and react to everyday situations is deeply ingrained in who we are and this was formed in our original organization, the family. Everyone can do pattern interrupts, everyone! Here’s a quick tip, change your communication patterns, if you ususally speak first in meetings, then go last or in the middle. Notice how this change impacts you and others around you.
    Do a pattern interrupt in your behavior, drive a different way to work–instead of checking email first, do something else first.
    Let me know what pattern interrupts you practice.
    Thanks Kathleen for this great post.

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