Shadow Campus: The “House of Cards” of Academia

Forbes described it as a “masterful debut mystery.”  Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and author of Unhooked, wrote she was “hooked from the beginning.”  Christiane Amanpour singled it out as one of the few fiction books she plans to find time to read.  An “addictive novel” and a “page-turner” are two of the other phrases often used to describe this debut novel.  “Couldn’t put it down” is how so many have responded.  To put the story into perspective, Shadow Campus is the “House of Cards” of Academia where what you hardly believe could happen actually does.  Its characters play out good against evil with the depths of the latter being greater than any college students venturing on campus for an education could possibly conceive.  If you haven’t read it yet, now may be the time.

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  1. Tom Valliere says:

    Read your novel when it was first released. Brillant work Kathleen – really enjoyed it!

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